Cannot log in SDK Manager

I’m not able to log in my account through SDK Manager, although my account is correctly set, because I can access the website. I have the following error : Incorrect email or password
Any ideas ?
Thanks !!


Welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums!. Are you using the latest version of the SDKM?

Oww, I just saw SDKM does not support Ubuntu 20.04 … Is there any alternative solution for flashing Jetpack with Cuda+Cudnn on a Jetson AGX Developer Kit (not Orin) ?

I will need to move this to topic to the Jetson AGX Xavier category so the support team can answer that question.

The JetPack/SDK Manager version 5.x can use Ubuntu 20.04, but the earlier ones are only for use with Ubuntu 18.04. However, that requirement is mostly just the GUI. You could flash on command line from 20.04 if the flash software is already set up:
sudo jetson-agx-xavier-devkit mmcblk0p1

This will not give you the opportunity to install optional software, e.g., CUDA, but you can later run SDKM and uncheck flash and then install optional packages.

Note that this would work with JetPack/SDKM 4 or 5. Currently JP5 is only a developer preview, but I saw the full release was announced to be expected on either Aug. 10 or Aug. 11 (I forget which). You might want to wait until then and go with the full release unless you want the 4.x release.

Thanks for your reply. So is SDKM installation the only way for flashing the board with CUDA included ?
My problem here is that I’m not able to install Cuda+Cudnn manually. I’ve followed many tutorials but all I could manage to do is to install correctly Cuda without Cudnn (which I need for my AI project).
And as you said, flash the board from command line doesn’t include Cuda either.
What would you advise me to do ?
Thanks !

JetPack/SDKM is the only way to flash an AGX since a recovery mode AGX is a custom USB device needing a custom USB driver, and part of the flash software is known as the “driver package” for this reason.

The recommended method of installing CUDA would be from the same JetPack/SDKM after the system is fully and normally booted. This happens automatically once flash completes, assuming you are monitoring to finish the first boot setup. However, if first boot is complete, and if you’ve added the right repositories for apt, then you can actually use apt-get to install that content.

The repository to add would depend on release used.

If you want to use the Ubuntu 20.04 release, then I saw announcements that this will be released later this week (I forget the exact date which was listed, but tentatively Aug. 10 or 11).

Okay, thanks for your help. I’ve finally managed to flash the board correctly through command line and to install CUDA 10.2 with apt. But Cudnn is missing and your official web page for downloading Cudnn repo doesn’t provide package for arm64 architecture but only for x86_64 architectures.
And again I can’t use SDKM because I can’t login into the software…

To complete my last post, cuDNN deb package for aarch64 architectures (sbsa moreover, don’t know if it could work on classic aarch64 architecture anyway) is only available for CUDA 11 and higher but according to many users including you in previous posts, CUDA 11 wouldn’t be compatible with a Jetson.
So I still looked for a CUDA 11.X repository for Jetson in order to test this cuDNN repo but your website doesn’t provide any or I didn’t find it. I can only find sbsa-arm64 (equivalent to aarch64-sbsa if I’m not mistaken), and errors occur at the end of the installation process.
I’m actually in a dead end …

Only one specific release of CUDA-related software will work with a particular install of Linux for Tegra on the Jetson. The JetPack/SDK Manager 4.x is all a 10.x CUDA, but the upcoming JetPack 5.x (should be a full release and not just a developer preview in the next couple of days) has CUDA 11.x (and installs Ubuntu 20.04 instead of 18.04). Much of this is quite finicky because the GPU itself is integrated with the memory controller, and PCI-based GPU software won’t work with this (and thus much of the exact version requirement on a Jetson).

To get an optional software which is only available by JetPack/SDKM you’ll need to get the login fixed (maybe @TomNVIDIA can look into that). My guess is that if you had this fixed, and you just unchecked everything exception optional software install, it would work. However, if you can’t log in, then when the new JetPack 5.x comes out in a couple of days you wouldn’t be able to use that either.

Do beware that there are two logins with SDKM. One is for regular developers, and the other is for the Drive automobile hardware. Make sure you get the regular developer login. If not working, then you might use something like What’s My IP to find your public IP address, and that, combined with the exact time and timezone of login attempt, could possibly provide a log @TomNVIDIA or someone else could examine to fix the login. Can you verify you’re using the regular developer login, and not the Drive login?

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