Cannot make it connect with version v3.2

Hi guys,

I succesfully (apparently) installed my EC2 Instance, installed SteamVR, the software and making sure that SG and firewall are all open and ready.

Also, I managed to compile the client from the SDK, but I’m not able to connect, apparently. It’s really strange because it appears to try to connect, but in the end it fails.

Any clues?

Thank you!!

Here’s the log:

error.log (99.7 KB)

Edit: resolved. Checking the server logs I realized I was using the wrong server (the old one, which is distributed with the AMI instead of the one distributed with the SDK.

Nevermind, seeing the server logs I realized that I was using the version that is in the virtual machine instead of using the one from the SDK.

I’m such a moron. 😂

I think I may be doing the same. Can you explain what you’ve done to solve the connection issue?

Did you upgrade the CloudXR server on the EC2 instance (if so how? i.e. did you have to uninstall first or just downloaded the newer version and ran the installer?) or did you create a new apk using an older SDK that matched the EC2 instance?

As a heads up to anyone with the same question…
I found the uninstaller on the EC2 instance’s Start menu (Under NVIDIA
after running that I downloaded the same CloudXR SDK as the one I used to create my apk client build.
And now connects without any problem.

Thank you for the heads up notice. The current (G4DN AMI version) is NOT compatible with version 3.2. We’re looking to upgrade it shortly and include G5 instance types to use. For now, we recommend using G5 instances which require manual installation of the SDK. That should force using 3.2 end-to-end.

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