Cannot manage to use cuSOLVER to solve a linear system

Hi guys,

Can anyone help me with this?

All the info and source code is already provided there. Basically I’m solving a linear system using QR factoring, the matrix A is not singular in theory and it should return a vector not equal to 0, the return value of the QR solver is CUSOLVER_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR, but it doesn’t given much of a clue of what is going on.

Some more info:

  1. Cuda capabilities 6.1.
  2. OS windows 10
  3. Graphics Card GTX 1070

All drivers, toolkit etc are the latest version.

Hi, have you problem solved ? i also have some problems when using the QR solver. The solver works when the sparse matrix is small (eg.600600 ) but it gives wrong answers when the sparse matrix is large (eg. 1000010000). have you ever subjected to problems like this?


Can you share your code?
At last it was working for me.