Cannot open a link to a specific topic -- get redirected to main board page

When I do a search for something and one of the results is a topic on this forum site, the page opens up for a second or so, then redirects to the main board page. If I type in the exact title of the topic in the search bar, it cannot find the page.
Google search gives me a link to:
When I click on this link, the page appears, and redirects me to From there I can’t find my way to the page that I had just seen before.
Now strangely, I went back and tried it again, and now the topic page appears and stays loaded.
So this seems to be an intermittent problem. Maybe your web server sometimes has a problem getting to the requested page and then redirects me, even though the request page does actually load onto my browser briefly.
Anyway, this is annoying, and I thought you’d want to look into this and improve the server’s behavior.

Seconded. Using Chromium here, and this behaviour is increasingly putting me off.

Yeah same thing happens if I get a link to the Forum in an email for a topic I am following. Best you can do it copy the page url quickly and post it in a new Chrome or Chromium page.

This is a serious pain in the ass, hard to work on issues when you are fighting the Forum itself.

This has been happening to me for months, why in the world has this not been fixed yet???

@sisso_, This happens when you are not logged in beforehand, then logging in takes you to the home page. It is a known issue with this platform and will be addressed on the next site update.