cannot open input file '../x64/release/c-code-for-all.lib' L

Could you help me with the probem, thanks?

Error 1 cannot open input file ‘…/x64/release/c-code-for-all.lib’ LINK in PGI Visual Fortran

Hi S. L. Huang,

This error means that the linker can’t find the specified library file. Check to see if the library exists and if the correct path is being given.

Hope this helps,

Hi Mat, Many thanks for your reply soon. However, I checked it and the file is not in the folder: it has three files, including \x64\Release\ccode-64bit.lib (this is a previous file), not the file I mentioned in my previous post.
Then, what should I do now?

PGI Visual Fortran can’t recognize the link? How do I do now?

Hi S. L. Huang,

This is a user C library so you will need to determine why it’s not available.

Is this your library or something you got elsewhere? If it’s yours, how did you build it? We’re there any errors when you built it?

  • Mat