Cannot open TX1 3D Model


I’m using Pro/E 5.0 and Creo 2.0
Both software cannot open TX1 3D step model.

The file is huge after unzip, and software stop responding after 20 minutes.
Also I tried FreeCAD, the open source software, but got same result.

So anyone can help on this issue?
Should I change to other software, or the original file is broken?


See for a down sampled version of the model.

I’m running into a forum error when I try to go there. The main thread is here:

I can see the permalink to message #8 is this:

However, all attempts to go to the specific post send me to the main JTX1 forum.

The link doesn’t work, just took me back to the main forum.

There is a definite forum bug there. If you go to the main thread though you can manually scroll through the messages.

There is a definite forum bug there.

Thanks linuxdev, I’m checking into what might be going on here at the backend.