Cannot receive email from


Recently I got email to download driveworks beta 2.0 from developer forum. earlier we were using nvonline.

Since I forgot the password (login from my official email) whenever I try to reset the password I do not get the reset link email in my inbox ( checked with IT and also added in exception list still not email gets through.

Kindly update how to reset my account as this is a bottleneck for upgrading new software

Update, issue is now resolved. Thank you

There a few other companies which have this problem - can share any information about why these emails were triggering your servers spam response?

Below is the explanation from our IT with the solution.

", Sender’s address is not And Sender’s address change everytime.
Additionally, Sender’s domain is “” and Only it allows domain’s IP address.

Sender domain’s IP Address "


“I registered sender domain(’s IP address in exception list. And it re-transmitted blocked e-mails.”