Cannot replay lidar recordings - device type does not match product ID 0x22


I am having an issue replaying lidar recordings collecting using Driveworks 1.2, both on the host machine and the Drive PX-2. The lidar sensor is the Velodyne VLP-16, and live playback works fine. Furthermore, when recording using the pre-built “sample_record” or my custom applications, everything appears fine. The lidar.bin file and file are written correctly, and appear to have the correct size.

However, when attempting to replay these recordings the sensor creation fails with the message:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘dw::core::exception’
what(): DW_FAILURE: DecoderVelodyne::processStatus, device type does not match product ID 0x22
Aborted (core dumped)

I do not get this message when replaying lidar recordings captured using Driveworks 0.6. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Dear matt.harrison,

According to the error message"device type does not match product ID 0x22", it looks like it’s not in our supported sensors list.
However Velodyne VPL16 is a sensor that we support, and you have already checked that the sensor works in DW 0.6.
So could you let me know what command you used to replay it?
If you are able to share the binary file, please share it. Thanks.


Thank you for the rapid response, it is greatly appreciated.

To my great surprise, when I attempted to reproduce this issue this morning, I found that it has completely disappeared. Every combination of record on (host/PX-2) with (custom/pre-built) application to be played back on (host/PX-2) using (custom/pre-built) application seems to be working exactly as it’s supposed to.

For the time being I think we can consider this issue resolved, although it’s still quite mysterious to me at this point.

Again, thank you for the rapid reply.