Cannot save keys for "orient" with curve editor

See, I cannot keyframe the “orient”, only “rotate” is possible to keyframe with Curv Editor. How do I add this “rotate” variable to Xform?


I can make a new Xform and arrange all under that. I did this, but it took some time since stuff needs to be re-positioned…

So is there a simple way - Like adding that “rotate” variable?

Hi @pekka.varis. You can add “Rotate” or any other TransformOps. From the “Add” button on the Property window.

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Thank you! This is handy :)

Yeah I’ve figured that out. But the rotate options in the Curve Editor don’t show up. So I can’t animate an object by rotating it.

But if you add a keyframe of the rotation, it appears to curve editor!

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Ok, now I’ve figured it out. You have to right click on the rotate word in the property tab and select enable and right on the word Orient and select disable. Finally!! Lol :))
Thanks :)

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