Cannot see the camera (/dev/video0) from within the CLI

(apologies if posting in the wrong place - I am very new to this ecosystem!)

Working with the Clara Guardian quick start scripts, I can init and start the server and also kick off the client CLI. Every single sample app fails to initialize, all with the same error message: unable to open camera at /dev/video0.

A quick check with ls -la shows that /dev/video0 is present, so I am at a loss as to what is going on. Any nudge in the correct direction would be most welcome.


Thank you for reaching out and for the issue description.
When trying to connect a camera to Jetson in order to successfully run the Clara Guardian apps, please make sure first to check the support matrix ( it might be possible that we don’t offer support for that type of camera yet ) and secondly, please make sure to add the video handle correspondingly to the camera in the conf file.