Cannot set Breakpoint in GLSL shader that renders to multiple color attachments


So I have this really simple shader that renders masks to multiple attachments of one FBO but i cannot set a breakpoint inside the fragment shader. I can see the result of the Shaders in the attachments. Non MRT shaders can be debugged fine. Is there something I missed?

Best Christoph Pacher

I’m working on a deferred lighting renderer and using MRTs too, but I am able to debug those shaders without a problem. I select them always from Nsight -> Windows -> Shaders List.

Jnanadeva, thanks for your help, you are right I am able to set a break point when I go to the shader source from the Shaders List.
When using the Api Inspector’s Program tab to go to the Shader source of the currently bound Shader, I am not able to set a breakpoint. I guess this is a bug.

I experienced the same problem but i guess this is behaviour as designed because they can be regarded as the “templates” for the compiled versions of the shaders. So this makes real sense if you think about it. Wheter it is user-friendly is another question…

It would make sense if it would never be possible to set a break point this way.
Moreover I watched a Nvidia Webinar that showed the Api Manger as the way to get to the Shader Code and set a breakpoint.

Yes you are right, the Webinar shows it! It also seems they have much faster performance in the Webinars, but I don’t know how they do it, maybe 4x SLI…