Cannot update Omniverse Revit Plugin

The latest version of Omniverse Revit Plugin is 100.2.0. My current version is 100.1.51. I cannot figure out how to update the plugin?

Is it failing when you try to Update from launcher?

You could try exiting Launcher. Go to the lower right corner in Windows and bring up the hidden icons.


Right click on the Launcher and select Exit.


Now, go to your Start menu in Windows and find the NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher and start it with Administrator permission.


Try the update for the Revit Connector now and see if that fixes the issue.


I just tried. It says “UP TO DATE” and the version is “100.2.0” in Omniverse Launcher, but the plugin version in Revit is still “100.1.51”.

Ah … I see. That is the 100.2.0 build for Revit. The numbers should match and I’ll look at that. But, the Connector installed is correct. I have the same build on my system too.

Moving forward, we’ll sync these properly.