Cannot use the generated .so file which cross compiled on Jetson Nano


I try to control a robot by Jetson Nano.

As the instruction of the robot, I cross compiled the dll file of the robot on the Jetson Nano.

And I got the generated .so file successfully.

However, when I run the python and C++ program of the robot, I got the OSError of the .so file.

The error is:

OSError: .so file cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory.

I ensured the robot can work well in 64bit, 86bit and Raspberry Pi. And the technical supporter of the robot company also no experience of that.

I am really confusing the error in Jetson Nano.

Could you please give us some suggestion ?


The linker was unable to find the file in the default search path. Where is the file at? If you run the "file " on the library file, what does it say?

FYI, linkers are standard among the various Linux distributions, but the location the linker looks often has to be updated if the file is somewhere new. Often you will find a file for a specific location customized in “/etc/”, but be careful about adding invalid locations there (you could have issues booting if you mess up the linker path).