Cannot Watch Netflix/Hulu Videos in vGPU VM


Whenever I try to play video from the Netflix or Hulu applications on Windows 10, it freezes the VM; navigating the applications (without pressing the play button) works OK.

I have tried accessing the VM through both the VMware Horizon Client (on a Mac) and through two zero clients–one made by ViewSonic and another made by ClearCube.

I’m using the VIB/Windows drivers from the NVIDIA-GRID-vSphere-6.7-440.53-440.56-442.0 release with a Tesla T4 using the NVIDIA GRID vGPU grid_t4-8q profile.

In case anyone was wondering, switching to the VMware Blast protocol (vs PCoIP) seems to have remedied this issue.


The version of PCoIP that VMware have in Horizon should not be used today. It’s a legacy version which hasn’t been developed / updated in years and bares no resemblance to the current Teradici PCoIP protocol, which is extremely good.