Cann't change branch node value in ROS2 Navigatin

I try to follow isaac sim ROS2 Navigation example.

After loading with Isaac Examples => ROS => Navigation.

When I press ‘play’, I got topic such as ‘camera_info_left’, ‘rgb_left’.

To test stereo vision, I tried to enable ‘enable_camera_right’ and 'enable_camera_right_rgb"

And after pressing ‘play’, when I check topic published, I can not see camera_info_right and rgb_right topics.

When I stop ‘play’ and check the enable_camera_right’, it has been changed to the original value, disable (False 1, True 0). enable_camera_right_rgb can be changed but not enable_camera_right.

Is it just my problem?

I can change it by checking with Compute node - Inputs - Condition.

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