can't acces fortan compiler in ubuntu 19

log_file: /var/log/gpu-manager-switch.log
last_boot_file: /var/lib/ubuntu-drivers-common/last_gfx_boot
new_boot_file: /var/lib/ubuntu-drivers-common/last_gfx_boot
can’t access /run/u-d-c-nvidia-was-loaded file
can’t access /opt/amdgpu-pro/bin/amdgpu-pro-px
Looking for nvidia modules in /lib/modules/5.0.0-30-generic/updates/dkms
Looking for amdgpu modules in /lib/modules/5.0.0-30-generic/updates/dkms
Is nvidia loaded? no
Was nvidia unloaded? no
Is nvidia blacklisted? no
Is intel loaded? yes
Is radeon loaded? no
Is radeon blacklisted? no
Is amdgpu loaded? no
Is amdgpu blacklisted? no
Is amdgpu versioned? no
Is amdgpu pro stack? no
Is nouveau loaded? no
Is nouveau blacklisted? no
Is nvidia kernel module available? no
Is amdgpu kernel module available? no
Vendor/Device Id: 8086:a16
BusID “PCI:0@0:2:0”
Is boot vga? yes
Error: can’t access /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:02.0/driver
The device is not bound to any driver.
Error : Failed to open /dev/dri
Error : Failed to open /dev/dri
Error : Failed to open /dev/dri
Error : Failed to open /dev/dri
Does it require offloading? no
last cards number = 1
Has amd? no
Has intel? yes
Has nvidia? no
How many cards? 1
Has the system changed? No
Single card detected
Nothing to do

Hi vfilho010104,

This looks like a boot log so I’m unclear what your question is. Can you please describe the problem you are encountering?