Can't access DLI courses

Everytime I try logging into the Deep Learning Institute section it says: You have successfully signed into NVIDIA, but your NVIDIA account does not have a linked NVIDIA account. To link your accounts, sign in now using your NVIDIA password.

I’m unable to access the free courses.
I also see other people have had the same issue.

Hello and welcome to the forums! Yes, there is an issue that impacts a small number of DLI users. I have forwarded this to the DLI team to assist.

Hello @Developer0101,

I’m not seeing any recent login attempts from the account associated with your email address. Can you please try logging in again and let me know when you have so that I can resolve this for you?

@tdahlin Hello, I already tried just now and received the same error.

Hi, we believe we have fixed this problem. Can you please try logging in again at to confirm whether or not the problem has been fixed?

Hi I have this same issue with the “Introduction to Transformer-Based Natural Language Processing” course. I paid for it and can’t see it. Could I please have a refund if the course is broken?

Hi @rwylieg,

The DLI team is working to fix a known issue with the platform. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA for a fix at this time.

Thanks for your patience as we work through this issue.