Can't access TTY terminals Ubuntu 16.04

I get a black screen (no video output) when trying to use a TTY (Ctrl + Alt + [F1…F6]). I use the Linux For Tegra R24.2.1 (Ubuntu 16.04). Any suggestion on what’s going on or how to debug?

I’m not sure where configuration takes place for console, but monitor scan rates are probably out of range of the monitor. At the moment of going to console I would suspect that your monitor flashes a very brief sign or symptom of seeing a signal, but not being able to use it (e.g., maybe a “scan out of range” indication via however your monitor shows that).

On an x86_64 desktop Linux you could add the “vga=ask” parameter to try different console modes, but I don’t think this works on L4T.

Have you tried the following patch?

Thanks. The patch fixed this issue.