Can't add tiler to single branch of Pipeline with parallel inferrence branches on select streams

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DS 6.3
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JetPack 5.1.2 GA
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Could be my lack of understanding or a bug?
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I’ve developed my own version of parallel inference based on your deepstream_parallel_inference_app

Looking at one of your diagrams

All the diagrams are very misleading, by the way. Looking at the above one would think the implementation splits the batched stream to connect to multiple nvstreamdemux plugins… where in fact your implementation use a single nvstreamdemux with tee’s connected to the nvstreamdemux source pads. The request source pads of the Tees are then selectively connected to each nvstreammuxplugin for each parallel branch.

I have a slightly different use case in that I’m trying to add an nvmultistreamtiler to one or more of the parallel branches. I’m not using a MetaMux in this instance.

In my simple example I have 3 sources/streams [0,1,2] with two parallel branches.

The problem occurs if you add the Tiler to a branch with a select, non sequential set of streams. Selecting sequential streams like [0,1,2], or [0,1], or [0] seems to work fine.

Selecting [0,2], or [1,2] for example causes the nvmultistreamtiler to throw an exception with the following error message

[NvTiler::CheckVICMaxScaleFactorCompatibility] ERROR: Scaling requested from [1920 X 1080] to [69 X 0] exceeds max scaling factor (16.000000) supported by VIC
[NvTiler::CheckVICMaxScaleFactorCompatibility] Please use a larger tiled window resolution or reduce number of streams

This error occurs with both the old and new streammux plugins. I’m explicitly setting the GST batch-size property for all streammux plugins. Please let me know if there is a way to make this work.


Just to be clear, I’m talking about adding anvmultistreamtiler directly to one or more of the branches as in below.


The point being to view the different inference results in different windows.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore.
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nvmultistreamtiler convert batched data to normal data, it should be used after metamux.

The GstBuffer and its metadata in every branch will impact each other since “tee” does not generate new data. MetaMux is a must.

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