Cant animate imported model

I’ve imported a scan of a book, it has 3 UDIMS, whitch has been imported correctly. If I make a cube, I can use curve editor to set a keyframe at fame 0, then rotate it and set a keyframe at lets say frame 30. When hitting “play” it rotates. When I do the same on my imported model, nothing happens. What am I missing?


i have had these issues…

If your book has a orient value, where native ov cube has rotation, then right click that orient value and try to delete it. maybe it mess up your key values at curve editor…


Hello @steffen! I’ve asked the animation team for some help with your situation! They should be responding shortly!

@steffen I assume that you want to animate the transform attributes of your imported model/prim. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your Create app in which you select the prim that you want to animate and include the property window of that prim?