Can't Boot Jetson Nano 2GB

I have a problem with my Jetson Nano 2GB kit. Formatted the SD card (32 GB) and flashed the image file. I insert the SD card and then connect the board to the computer but nothing happens. Even the logo can’t be seen. There is no sign of connection in the device manager. Hence, I am not able to boot my kit and I’ve got some questions:

Do I need a 2-pin jumper for 2GB kit cause I don’t have any. Is this the problem?

After I flashed the image file, Balena Etcher says “Flash completed successfully” but then too many disks are created. For example, SD cards label is D:/ but there occurs F, G, H…J, K etc. The main disk is nearly 14 GB, probably it includes the sd-blob.img but the other disks seem empty. So, the problem may be the flashing process. What can I do about this?

Hi ,

Have you downloaded below image? We have experienced something similar with your issue. The image might be wrong.

Yes. I downloaded the zip file for 2GB kit.
Btw, my OS is Windows 10.

Hi @mirucar ,

You should share the log of your system from uart serial console. To do that, you can find the steps in the below link.