Can't boot the system again

When trying to boot the system another time, error happened:

And last time, the systen can boot as expected.
I want to know the reason and how to solve it. Thanks

This is just a starting point, not an answer.

rc.local is generally for software added later as an option. This is not normally part of the base operating system. Think of optional software intended to run each boot. Was “/etc/rc.local” ever edited? Or was some optional software set to run each boot?

I’m thinking that something in rc.local was told to run each boot, and perhaps a related device is now missing, and thus it hangs up there. Does this mean the GUI login never becomes available? Also, do you have serial console access, and can you still log in via serial console even if error messages are scrolling by?

Better yet, does this still have ssh access? If you know the IP address, can you still ping that address, or log in over ssh? If so, then we can fix the rc.local script without much effort. If not, then it probably requires clone, repair of clone, then flash with the repaired clone (which takes a lot of time and disk space on the host PC, and if you don’t have something valuable, then perhaps a fresh flash would be the easiest way to go).

solved. Thanks

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