Can't build Issac SDK on Ubuntu 20.04


I followed the building steps on Issac SDK documentation (Develop CodeLets in C++) and tried to build Issac SDK examples on Ubuntu 20.04. I have tried to delete .cache/bazel. But it didn’t work.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Bazel Version: 3.1.0
GCC Version: 9.4.0
Bash Command:

~/Downloads/sdk$ bazel run //apps/tutorials/ping_python

Log: build.log (398.7 KB)

Which step is missing? Thanks.

I think
it stated that It only work in ubuntu 18

This is correct. The latest version of Isaac SDK is supported only on Ubuntu 18.04. You might want to try Docker or virtual machines to use Isaac SDK on a Ubuntu 20.04 host.

We tried it, the latest version of Isaac SDK does work on Ubuntu 20.04 with Docker.