Can't Build Kernels, Can't Find Kernels and When trying to add the repositories, it can't find them

So Ive got Nvidia Geforce GT710 in my PC, Linux Debian 11, Bullseye, amd64. When running sh ./ it says an Error occurred and i need to check the log. That says, after tonnes of lines, The Nvidia Kernel Module was not created. I then tried finding where the Kernels should be, they arent there, so i try adding the Repositories. I have Main Contrib and Main Non-free enabled, but when running apt install Nvidia-Driver, it says failed to fetch 60 packages from Index of /debian/pool/non-free and some from " "/pool/main. I have run apt-get update, and tried --fix-missing, no luck. I then tried adding as a repository, couldnt resolve it. I dont have any idea where to find the drivers, or anything like that and i cant exactly get out of command line. I need to know where the drivers are, and install them, and Id rather it sooner than later because i need this PC for work.

Nevermind, I have used Synaptic Package Manager to bypass this issue