Can't build python projects

I tried building ping_python using the following command, from the isaac folder:

bazel build //apps/tutorials/ping_python

But I got the following error:

ERROR: /mnt/c/Users/wadii/Desktop/isaac/engine/pyalice/BUILD:24:1: no such package ‘engine’: BUILD file not found on package path and referenced by ‘//engine/pyalice:pyalice’

Seems like it doesn’t like the deps in BUILD file:

deps = ["//engine/pyalice"],

Any ideas?

Hello wadii.bellamine,

Thank you for reaching out. We have verified the ping_python tutorial builds and works.
We’d recommend you to check a few things:

  • ensure the dependencies are all installed. See script at: ``` $ ./engine/build/scripts/ ```
  • ensure you run the build command in the root folder of the project: ``` $ bazel build //apps/tutorials/ping_python ```
  • ensure your Isaac SDK installation is clean and complete.

Let us know if you still encounter issues.