Can't capture any process on Fedora 33

Can’t capture any process on Fedora 33.

Tried almost everything:

Launching process with Nsight Graphics:

Preparing to launch…
Launch failure: Process creation failure
Launch failed.
But the process starts.

Tried to launch manually with LD_PRELOAD set to
I can see the process in Nsight but can’t select it.

Tried to launch manually with Injector. Process starts but I can’t see it in Nsight.

Tried some old version of Nsight: 2020.3, 2019.6, 2019.3, 2019.2

Disabled SELinux.

Installed the latest drivers from nvidia website.

Tried some random game ( ) just to make sure it’s not app-dependent, but still failed.

My GPU is GeForce GTX 1050 (on laptop)
Latest Nsight 2020.6
Latest drivers 455.45.01
Fedora 33

Thank you for your feedback on Nsight Graphics support for Fedora 33. I’m discussing with the engineering team and will get back to you on your question.