Can't capture Frame "glDisable(cap = 0x00009346)"


I am running NSight 5.4 on Win7x64 with VS2017.
My graphics card is GTX1060.
The app I want to debug runs with OpenGL 4.3.

Whenever I try to capture a frame I get an error that NSight is unable to capture with
Reason: glDisable(cap = 0x00009346)
I think cap = 0x00009346 is GL_CONSERVATIVE_RASTERIZATION_NV but I am not 100% sure.

So how can I be able to capture frames with this setup?

Thank you for your help.


I’m sorry Nsight 5.4 doesn’t support the function glDisable(), please refer to the document for Supported OpenGL Functions|Frame%20Debugging|OpenGL|_____12

Maybe you can use other functions instead of glDisable().


Thanks for your answer.
Are you sure glDisable() is not supported ?
glDisable() is normally used quite extensively for various GL capabilities like GL_SCISSOR_TEST, GL_DEPTH_TEST, GL_ALPHA_TEST etc.

I’d rather guess GL_CONSERVATIVE RASTERIZATION_NV is not supported by nsight yet.