Can't change character poses in USD Composer

I’ve been trying to randomize character articulation angles with replicator on Isaac Sim but after loading my randomizer, nothing happens when I try to run replicator.

Following the advice from this topic, I loaded my USD stage in USD Composer instead of Isaac Sim and tried moving my character’s joints by using replicator but this was the result:

Screenshot from 2023-09-21 (621.4 KB)

basically all joint poses (not just the one I’m trying to change) get changed to some default state and the character folds into itself. I thought this was an issue with replicator but I got the same result when trying to change character joint angles through the GUI (like I’m instead able to on Isaac Sim). I’ve tried changing character models and I’ve tried removing them from my stage and reuploading them from USD Composer but the issue remains. What can I try now?

Hi @salvo.dipp This isn’t really a replicator question, but off the top of my head, what character are you using? If its a custom one, it could be an issue with the asset itself?

You’ll probably have more luck asking in the animation channel on discord, or the digital humans forum.