Can't compile CCSM3 with pgf6.0, can with 5.1


We are working with the CCSM3 model found here:

When attempting to compile with PGI version 6.0, we get extremely long compile times (we haven’t waited the hours it takes to compile some of the code and thus the entire model). We get zippy compiles with version 5.1 on RHEL AS4. So, my guess is that we need a different FLAGS perhaps? Or perhaps something else is up. We are not changing the default FLAGS, which is

-c -r8 -i4 -Kieee -Mrecursive -Mdalign -Mextend

Trying to dig deeper, the problem really shows up in the Ocean model with any code that uses the tavg module.

Hopefully, I am not butchering something here. I am just the sys admin monkey…


Hi Daryl,

Are those the only compiler switches you are using to compile the model? Do you have it down to a function or perhaps a file that is taking a long time to compile? If so, please consider sending it and a description of the problem to for assistance.



We have done a lot of work recently on this model. The 6.0.5 release of the compiler (out very shortly) has that work in it. You might want to get a copy of that release when it comes out.

You should be able to compile and run at -fastsse optimization level.

I think there is still one POP routine that takes some time to compile - mostly because of the coding style of the routine. We are still looking to see if there are things that we can do to address that either at the compiler level or the source level.

We would like to hear of your experiences with this version of the compiler on CCSM3



With the PGI 6.1.4 compiler the main POP source file still takes an hour or more to compile. Have anyone been able to make any progress in diagnosing this issue? I know that the compilation involves multiple modules, so I guess this is the source of the problem, but another compiler I have tried does not have the same issues. It makes development work very difficult.

Thanks, Tricia

Hi Tricia,

I sent a note to Dave to see if he can give us an update since I don’t run the CCSM version POP myself (the serial version of POP 2.1.2 seems to compile in a timely manner though). What optimizations are you using to develop with? Does the compilation time decrease when you lower the optimization level?

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