Can't compile on Visual Studio 2008 Question

I am currently working on a C++ application and I need to add some CUDA code in it. When I just make my own project all compile fine with the CUDA Wizard, but when I want to add this code into the C++ application I have this kinds of erros :

error C3861: ‘__umul24’: identifier not found
error C2065: ‘blockDim’ : undeclared identifier
error C2228: left of ‘.y’ must have class/struct/union

I check all the properties in the principal application and in the code that compile, everything is the same.
If someone knows which error I coud have made, or what I didn’t do, please explain…
Thank you very much

Nobody can help me ?
I’m still working on this problem, and nothing changed ! I already watched the SDK example but it changed nothing.
All the files compile fine alone, but when I try to link them I have this errors.
I’m new into this forum and it is the first time I use CUDA, I really don’t know what to do more. If I didn’t give enough details please tell me and I’ll try to give more.

Thank you very much.