Can't connect keyboard and mouse to J106 board or M100 board for TX2

I used J106 carrier board and M100 motherboard of Auvidea to do my project with TX2.When I connected the keyboard to the USB3.0 port of J106 carrier board via a micro USB 3.0 OTG, I couldn’t input.And I dectected the voltage of the USB port ,which was 0.5V.
I also tried connecting keyboard to USB2.0 port of M100 motherboard via a USB2.0 OTG,And it’s still failed.The voltage is 0.5V too. I find the M100 manual says that the USB port could be used for USB2.0 devices like keyboard and mouse.
the J106 and M100 pdf:
Is there anyone who has clues to this problem?

There will be a different board support package for each carrier. The main difference is a change to device tree (the infamous “dtb” file). This is required to set up routing of functions to various pins/connectors. This will be custom to each carrier board (and to some extent probably each L4T release). You’ll need to go to their web site and use their BSP…it is often possible to flash just the device tree while leaving the rest of the system unchanged, but I’ve never used one of these boards so I don’t know what this particular case requires.

Thanks for your reply, I’m going to try this way.