Can't connect to my WIFI netwok using the adapter TP-LINK model TL-WN823N

Hello to everyone.

I’m trying to connect my Jetson nano to my Wireless network. The adapter that I’m using is the TP-LINK model TL-WN823N. It is recognized by the nano,problem is that the password and / or the authentication method that I have chosen on the router side is not good and it says that the connection failed. I’m going to give you some informations to understand where is the problem :

ziomario@ziomariojetsonnano-desktop:/home/ziomario-jetson-nano# lshw -C network


description : wireless interface

physical id: e

bus info : usb@1:2.3

logical name : wlan0

capacibilities : ethernet physical wireless

configuration : broadcast=yes ; driver = rtl8xxxu driverversion=4.9.140-tegra firmware=N/A link=no multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11

Below u can see how I have configured the wi-fi parameters on the router side :

On the nano I’m using the same wifi-protection scheme, “WPA + WPA2” and the same password. Where could be the problem,then ?