Cant connect USBs to Jetson tx2 with Avermedia 215nx carrier

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I’ve recently got a Jetson tx2 module connected to an Avermedia 215nx carrier board.

First step was connecting the board to my computer with USB-A-USB-B.

I used the Nvidia SDK manager application for ubuntu 18.04 and flashed OS onto the module.

To complete the flashing and installation of the other SDK tools, i needed to complete the set up on the jetson OS:

To do that, I connected a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard to the board.

But the mouse and the keyboard wont work - they wont connect.

After rebooting the power of the board to try to fix it, now it will reboot itself automatically repeatedly.

Each iteration, the console output is filled with errors, i am completely in the dark:

Please help!

The device tree firmware will differ for a third party carrier board in comparison to a dev kit carrier board. You will need to flash with the board support package provided by Avermedia (which will be a slightly modified version of the BSP which JetPack/SDKM flashes).

Also note that it is normal to boot to the stage where it wants first boot setup. An account has to exist before the extra software (added after flash, not during flash) can be installed.

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Hey! thank you for the quick response, I understand the problem.

I’m new to flashing modules and still am not entirely sure as to how to do it? I’ve only flashed the Jetson so far using the SDKM.
Can you please give me some direction or forward to any explanatory guide please?

Thank you in advance, Yves.

The manufacturer of the carrier board will provide something “equivalent”. That equivalent could in fact be a “nearly” exact copy of SDKM. In all cases, before flash, the Jetson would be put in recovery mode and the micro-B USB connected to the host PC. Recovery mode itself is just a button which is like the “shift” key on a keyboard, but it only modifies power on or power reset. So if you hold recovery button down (or short the required pins which are equivalent), then tap the power on or power reset (if it was already on), then the Jetson will start in recovery mode. There is no need to hold buttons down longer than normal.

Note that recovery mode does not in itself modify a Jetson. Recovery just causes the Jetson to boot as a custom USB device which is understood by the driver package on the host PC. Unless you flash recovery mode makes no change. The instructions for using that software has to come from the manufacturer of the carrier board.

Firstly, You have to get BSP from Avermedia.
There is only Xavier NX BSP on their website.

So, You have to request NX215 BSP for TX2_NX to Avermedia.

Second, You can see the install guide in download page.
You will have to two step before flash.

  1. Install SDKManager.
  2. Connect to device under Recovery Mode.

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