Can't create admin account on local nucleus server - Unexpected error - try again later

on ubuntu 21.04, with omniverse appimage format. I have installed nucleus server but i can’t create admin account: when i send completed forms it says " Unexpected error - try again later"


Hello @gaetan.quentin! Welcome to the Community! I informed the development team about this. Can we get your Nucleus logs to help us troubleshoot?

Nucleus Logs: %HOMEPATH%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Hello @gaetan.quentin. We have encountered this issue internally and a ticket has been created(OM-35663) and a fix should be in place when a new version of Omniverse Launcher is released. Please update when prompted in Launcher, and you should be able to create an account for your Nucleus localhost. Thanks!

@gaetan.quentin The development team has fixed this issue. As @FViloria mentioned, it will be available on the next release on the Omniverse Launcher.