Can't create MetadataContainer

The source capture video to screen refered by 09_camera_jpeg_capture.
And It works fine.
Then we add meta data part to it.

iCameraProvider->supportsExtension(Argus::EXT_BAYER_SHARPNESS_MAP) true.
NvEglRenderer *renderer = NvEglRenderer::createEglRenderer(“renderer0”,PREVIEW_SIZE.width(), PREVIEW_SIZE.height(), 0, 0);
UniqueObjEGLStream::MetadataContainer metadataContainer(EGLStream::MetadataContainer::create(m_renderer->getEGLDisplay(), m_stream));

metadataContainer is NULL.
What are we missing?

PS: Where is the class reference for EGLStream?

Thanks for your help!!

EGLStream::MetadataContainer is demonstrated in the samples:


Be default the samples should be run without issues. You may refer to them for developing your usecase.

The issue resolved.
In our code, m_stream should be cast to IEGLStream.

A related question:
The calculation of sharpness for bayer data is run in ISP or CPU?

Thank you!


Would like to confirm if the question is for the header file: