Can't debug on a remote Jetson TX1 using TGD 2.1


I’ve just set up my Jetson TX1 using the JetPack L4T installer. It all completed successfully and I’m able to run the CUDA and GameWorks samples on it just fine.

When I try to launch any of these programs using the Tegra Graphics Debugger v2.1 from a remote host they fail to launch.

The programs also fail to run from a terminal on the TX1 when using LD_PRELOAD to interpose the .so for debugging. The GameWorks samples print a message saying “GLFW error = Failed to retrieve context version string”; the CUDA samples print a variety of error messages, e.g. “Error: failed to get minimal extensions for demo” for the bilateralFilter sample and “ERROR: Support for necessary OpenGL extensions missing.” for the simpleGL sample. The commands I’m using to launch these all have the form

LD_PRELOAD=$HOME/.tgd/libs/ /path/to/executable

I’ve tried running both as a normal user and as root; same results for both.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Somehow it’s started working now.

After rebooting both the TX1 and the remote host, TGD was saying that the debugging tools weren’t installed on the target (which seemed odd, because they certainly were). After letting it reinstall them, debugging works.