Can't deploy - Failed to sign the apk

Hello guys,

I installed Visual Studio 2015 + CordWorks 1R3 ( if 1R4 installed. I will get another problem ).
I have gotten ‘Failed to sign the apk’ on deploy process after buid completed.

I saw the log of build

2> -package:
2> [apkbuilder] Found Deleted Target File
2> [apkbuilder] Creating myproject-debug-unaligned.apk and signing it with a debug key…

maybe my apk already included keystone file of debug.
however when deployment, I will see this error.

In another simple project is no problem for deployment.
my one project has this problem.

Could you tell me how to solve this problem?
Thank you for your kindness and cooperation.

hi Koken,
Please show the your error message. Your log is right: Creating XX-unalighed.apk and then signing it.
The signing key is depends on your configuration.
debug mode: it will sign the apk with key generated by android SDK tools.
release mode: you should provide it by yourself and you can add your key by right click on project then select “Signing Options”.