can't download cuda and cudnn in the Jetpack2.3

I want to apply jetpack2.3 to my jetson tx1, but I cannot download cuda and cudnn in the software, I tried times, always failed. by the way, I am in China.

JetPack.log (89 KB)

You will probably want to attach a log if possible. You can attach a file to an existing forum comment…if you hover your mouse over the upper right corner where the quote icon is you will see other icons…one of those icons is a “paper clip” icon. This should allow you to attach a text file. Or you can copy and paste.

thanks, I have attached two log file is. the fact is it very hard to download cuda toolkit and File System, is there any way to accelerate it?
cuda_host_tx1.log (1.69 KB)

At the moment CUDA 8 is available only through JetPack (for ARMv8-a).

I got it, so I have to try again and again.