Can't enable the USB to 1GB Ethernet adapter

I want to enable the second ethernet port (USB to 1GB Ethernet), which is enabled by enabling GPIO16_MDM_WAKE_AP (A10) on MIB.

I have calculated the GPIO number to be 481 using the formular offset + (Tegra_main_gpio_port_##port * 8) + pin number. I could successfully enable it in command line by exporting the GPIO pin, changing it to output and high. But I will like to enable it from bootloader, such that it always enables from startup.


Which part do you want to enable this gpio?

If you want to enable it in cboot, you may need to directly write the register value to control the pin status. (ref: TX2 TRM)

You could put it inside “platform.c” in cboot source.

I Have checked the TRM for GPIO16_MDM_WAKE_AP, and i think it is GPIO3_PY.01.

base register address; 0x02200000

Enable_config (offset: 0x11620)
Output_control (offset: 0x1162c)
Output_value (offset: 0x11630)