Can't find archive for: 'modulus_ext.ui-2.0.0+cp37'

Hello, I’m trying to use latest example of modulus scenarios in Omniverse. I’ve tried different version of Omniverse, in all of them was able to instastall hpcvis.vtkm and modulus_ext.core extensions, but I cannot install modulus_ext.ui-2.0.0.

In Omniverse console it says that “[Error] [omni.kit.registry.nucleus.utils] [omni.kit.registry.nucleus]: [kit/public] Can’t find archive for: ‘modulus_ext.ui-2.0.0+cp37’.”

Also trying to manually wget the extension from this link: doesn’t work.

How can I get modulus ui extension?

Hi @michaltakac

Thanks for the report. We’ve restaged the UI extension. Please give it another install attempt and let me know if you’re still having issues downloading it! Thanks!

Works now!

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