Can't find calibration_tool on driveworks 6.0


I’m trying to create a rig file and i just saw the nvidia guide on “Driveworks Calibration Tool”. The problem is that i can’t follow the example given because there is no program /driveworks/tools/calibration_tool and the folder /driveworks/tools/calibration doesn’t exist either (on both host and Drive PX2).

I’m also looking for information about the rig.xml file itself at the moment i’m not able to fill it. I have two cameras: Sekonix SF 3325-100 (60°) and Sekonix SF 3324-100(120°).

Thanks in advance!

Dear adrien.bonefons,

DriveWorks 0.6 Calibration tool is for fisheye cameras ov10635 or 0v10640.
So the Sekonix cameras you have are not suitable.
We will release new PDK and DriveWorks soon. Please use new tool for your camera calibration. Thanks.

Thank you steve, could you tell me an approximation about the date of release of the new PDK & DW?

Hi Adrien.Bonefons,

We can’t disclose the schedule, but could update that that all those relevant tests are up and running now.