Can't find ECN folder in ConnectX5 MCX516A card

Here is my firmware version:

[root@localhost ens1f0]# mlxburn -dev /dev/mst/mt4121_pciconf0 -query

-I- Image type: FS4

-I- FW Version: 16.25.1020

-I- FW Release Date: 30.4.2019

-I- Product Version: 16.25.1020

-I- Rom Info: type=UEFI version=14.18.19 cpu=AMD64

-I- type=PXE version=3.5.701 cpu=AMD64

-I- Description: UID GuidsNumber

-I- Base GUID: 98039b03009a5c4a 8

-I- Base MAC: 98039b9a5c4a 8

-I- Image VSD: N/A

-I- Device VSD: N/A

-I- PSID: MT_0000000013

-I- Security Attributes: N/A

I’v burn the firmware to the lastest version. When I try to enable ECN, I can’t find ECN folder in /sys/class/net/ens1f0. Does my card support this feature?

[root@localhost ens1f0]# pwd


[root@localhost ens1f0]# ls

addr_assign_type broadcast device dormant gro_flush_timeout iflink netdev_group phys_port_name proto_down statistics type

address carrier dev_id duplex ifalias link_mode operstate phys_switch_id queues subsystem uevent

addr_len carrier_changes dev_port flags ifindex mtu phys_port_id power speed tx_queue_len

Hi Edward,

Please make sure that MLNX_OFED is installed

How to configure ECN :

You can run ibdev2netdev to verify which interfaces are related to Mellanox.

i.e from my setup with CX-5 : cat /sys/class/net/p2p1/ecn/roce

the folder exist

Related how guide :–trust-l2-x–ecn–end-to-end-using-connectx-4-and-spectrum–trust-l3-x