cant find EVGA GTX 295 card discontinued

Yesterday I saw the EVGA GTX 295s available at tigerdirect.
Today morning I tried to buy and didn’t find the item on the website.
I called them and asked if I can backorder and they said it will be no longer available.
My question is , if I buy 2 GTX 285 cards, will they perform as good as one 295 ?
I will be putting them onto a ASRock X58 motherboard, for running a NEAT application. The 295 seemed to be a perfect board, now I will have to put 4 GTX 285s and the PCI speed will be down to 8x, right ?
And why do you think they are discontinuing the 295?

Thanks in advance

That’s interesting :) Take a look at: posts #8 onwards.

Well, the 285 should be faster then half of the 295. I’ve found the diff to be ~30% in favor of the 280 (didnt test the 285).

However if you fully utilize the 295, then you’ll get two GPUs instead of one, each of the halves running a bit slower but together probably running faster.

That was the conclusion I also made.

See the link above… I guess now its official and maybe indeed the new 295 will be out very soon.



i was looking to almost every online store in US and Canada for 2 days now and nobody has 295s. Some stores display backorder list quantities like -28 , -15 units. I don’t understand how will they compete against ATI if they discontinue the 295. I will wait a couple of months to see if it suddenly reappears on the market , and if there is no plan at Nvidia to have sub-500 processor cores on card, i will have to switch to Radeon. And maybe right now the motherboards are not so efficient communicating with GPUs, but there is no sense to buy 240 cores card right now if in 1 or 2 years more we could easily see cards with 1000 cores.

kernull, I doubt that they would simply stop making it without some kind of announcement or explanation. I think what eyalhir said (that they are simply going to debut a newer version of the card) is more likely…perhaps they had some production issues that threw off their timelines, and that is why there aren’t any of the older ones available. If you really want one, I doubt you’ll have to wait very long (again, unless there are some serious production problems that hit nVidia by surprise).

I just ordered a machine with 2xGTX295 two weeks ago. Unfortunately, it is going to be delayed if there are no graphics cards of this model available in the retail channel… :">

Rumour was that the original “dual board” design was just too expensive for

Nvidia to keep making. In the replacement version, they hope to fit all the

chips on one board. Our pair of (old) GTX 295’s are amazing.


yep you right, just a bit of patience and i will get much better cards than the previous version. check this out:,684076/…om-Inno3D/News/

could be sooner than everybody thinks

I hope it is available this month - only that would be soon enough for me :rolleyes:


An OEM GTX295 for only 290 USD!!…5_Graphics.html


research pays

buying directly from the factory:

This sounds too good to be true… so much so that it smells like a standard fraud like you see on Craigslist (offer a big discount for a random item in the $3000 range, demand immediate upfront payment, then disappear).

Be careful if you pursue it.

i don’t know about you, but i am going to try to get my cards at 155 bucks each.

after looking at this bunch of indonesia sellers in alibaba i decided to find out where the factory is located. I searched Google for hours without luck. Finaly i got complete explanation of how things are organized:

So I checked the Flextronics website and it is a huge company distributed worldwide, they can manufacture anywhere, so a posibility exists that the factory is located in Indonesia. 3 different providers quote average price range at 150-160 bucks per card.

I am hiring a logistics company in Indonesia, that will meet the provider in person, and make a contract for delivery of the cards for me.

Lets see what happens.

they don’t have it in stock. Chinese neither. Nobody has it right now.