Can't find GPU in Kubernets on Jetson Nano cluster

hi baozhu.zuo
during my experiment:1.0.0-beta plugin is basic test that can work in two nodes cluster, and worker node GPU can be found correctly, but I think V0.6.0 Branch should be OK too. if you can can create cluster correctly ,omit procedure
next week ,I will recreate 3 nodes cluster and using V0.6 to repeat your test , please wait

Thanks so much for your patience! We are waiting for your update.

hi memoryleakyu:
when I using yml gpu-test.yml you typed to create , it is failed with error:CrashLoopBackOff,
is this the complete yml you tested?

Hi, Jedffli
Yes, it is complete, and it runs the same as the following command. @Jeffli

kubectl run -i -t nvidia --image=jitteam/devicequery 

hi, memoryleakyu:
for your run -i -t , it means replicas is 1, so only one worker node can be deployed, in my test command :
kubectl run nvidia --image=jitteam/devicequery --replicas=2, I can deploy two worker node correctly