can't find Kaya Build Guide.

This page mentions “Researchers and casual makers can build their own Kaya robot using the [Kaya build guide]”. I can’t find the guide or any link to it. Please advise?

I’d love to order nano with kaya parts bundle if that can be made available!!


Hi stanley, the Kaya reference design will be released along with the Isaac SDK on 3/28. Thanks!

Hi, the Isaac SDK website now says Abril 2019. Was it delayed again? :(

Hi Ku-Sai Sung, the Isaac SDK is now available for download here:

Click on the ‘Register to be Notified’ button in order to download it.

BTW, the Kaya docs are online here (the 3D-printable STL parts can be downloaded from the link above).

Dusty, the USB2AX ( part specified in the Kaya docs has been discontinued.

Is it okay to use the U2D2 they recommend instead?

PS – many of those components can be ordered from Amazon, including all the ones from McMaster Carr. It would make it a lot easier if you could just create one Amazon wishlist for all of them, so people could order them all with one click rather than going to lots of different webstores.

Hi chisgroh9,

In the future, please direct questions and discussion about Kaya and Isaac to:

You may use the U2D2 in place of the USB2AX device. However, you should be aware that this will show up with a different USB device name, and you may need to change a configuration parameter to have your app communicate with it.

For the Isaac Kaya sample apps, this is found in:


  "kaya_driver": {
    "isaac.KayaBaseDriver": {
      "usb_port": "/dev/ttyUSB0"

This maps to a variable in isaac.KayaBaseDriver:

USB2AX : ttyACM0
U2D2 : ttyUSB0

Hi dusty_nv:
Would it be possible to have more pictures in the kaya doc web site.
For a layman like me, it is pretty scripted in term of assembling the hardware. I am having problem in assign IDs to the Dynamixel Motors. I don’t know how to configure the power line into the picture. Could you enlighten me? Thanks in advance.

Hi acumenta, let me move this thread over to the Isaac SDK forum so the Isaac team can take a look. Thanks.

Hi acumenta,

I would recommend making use of the “power hub” part when assigning motor IDs. You should be able to provide power from your Kaya battery & 12V converter while doing this, or from any other suitable 12V source via barrel jack or power hub screw terminals.

The following (non-NVIDIA) tutorial page might also be useful for you:

See the first photo especially for what I’ve outlined above.

ok, I see now. picture is good. Thanks.