Can't find Omniverse Create in Omniverse Launcher. And RTX Remix won't install

Hey, newbie here so please bare with me.
I installed Omniverse to install RTX Remix. After the download it only shows an install button and it’s not in my library. While trying to download it 2-3 times i also found out that Omniverse Create is nowhere to be found in the Exchange.

@preben_frank i am just another user, Create has been rebranded to Composer since last year, which you can find within the Exchange section of the OV Launcher. regarding remix, i have no real experience with it; but, according to the doc, there are two components you need, which is outlined here:

Installation Guide — rtx_remix 2024.3.0-RC.3 documentation (

there’re also dedicated Discord servers for remix (and another for Omniverse). for remix, if you’d like to engage with other remix users or check out user project, you can feel free to drop by! i’ve also included the one for OV as well here: