Can't find Omniverse toolbar icon in right click bar

I have installed Sketchuppro 2022 and Omniverse Connectors-Trimple SketchUp. But I can’t find Omniverse icon in right-click tool bar.

@smilestoneyu have you tried reinstalling the connector? see if closing out of Sketchup prior to connector installation helps avoid any conflicts. there was a thread a while back that seems like it’s what you are experiencing:

Thank you very much! I reinstall he connector which version is 108.2.573. Now I can find the Omniverse bar in sketchup 2022!


good to know it’s working with an older connector version! but have you tried reinstalling the latest release build 200.1.668 instead of down versioning? the thread was from almost a year ago and version 108.2.573 may have been the latest version then. (the thread was mainly to show you reinstalling could probably address the issue not so much to match the exact version)

using the latest connector version would be beneficial as it fixes several bugs from previous version and may improve the interoperability between OV and SU. or are you suggesting the latest version (200.1.668) doesn’t work even with the reinstall? if that’s the case, the dev team will need to be made aware of this as it could be relevant to all Sketchup connector users.

unfortunately i don’t own Sketchup pro myself, so i cannot confirm this.