Can't find sample characters

Hi, I can’t find the character that comes with the machinima app. Where can I download them?

Hi @Catering and welcome to Machinima! Here is the guide for mounting content. Have you already set-up a local nucleus collaboration server? See here.

Full setup documentation/guide here. For additional reference, there are Machinima tutorials via NVIDIA On Demand here or YouTube here.

Also, feel free to hop on our official Discord server to chat with the user community:


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Omniverse: “A New Era of Collaboration and Simulation” (video)
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PLEASE NOTE: If you are reporting a bug/issue, please provide OS, GPU, GPU Driver, the version of the app, and full log file (if applicable). For crashes, please zip and provide a link to your logs → C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs

What seems to common here is, when installing a new app, the content is downloaded to Nucleus upon install, but you have to log out and then back into Omniverse in order for it to visible “inside” of Omniverse Apps.

What I noticed is, I can see the content in Nucleus, but it was not visible to any OV Apps, bouncing my logout/login resolved that visibility issue.

Thanks for that note Daryl, that sounds like a bug we should fix :)