Can't find usd models of Forklifts mentioned in the Omniverse Replicator for Isaac Sim Video

Hi, i’m searching for different models of Forklifts. In this blog is written that there are 8 different Forklifts models but I found only one:
where I should search for the others? Or there is something basic that i’m missing?

Thanks to all

Hi Daniele,

We did not ship all the forklift assets, the idea for the blog is that you can apply the same workflow with you own assets.
you can import any forklift asset you want to do a similar workflow.
This tutorial will help you to reproduce the same workflow: 7. Replicator Composer — Omniverse Robotics documentation


Im bumed.
They blog gave the impression that it was going to show us the steps on how to recreate the project described in blog.
First of all where do I get forklift assets or any assets that are not in the prop folder.
Do I have to make them or is there a repository where I can get them.
Also the blog gave the impression that the data in the tutorial could be saved in a KITTI format to be used in TAO Toolkit.
The only example that gives you and option to save in data in the KITTI format is the "Offline dataset generation "example
There is no option to save the generated data from “Replicator composer” example in the KITTI format.