Can't find video1,3,5 in /dev using J106 board for TX1

I am using J106 board REV 1,TX1 L4T_24.2.1 linux 3.10.96
I download the firmware v2.1 for TX1 form AUVIDEA
I follow the steps described in the guide .
And I connect 6 cameras on J106. After TX1 booting up, I can only see video0,2,4 in /dev. if everything is okay ,I should see video0~5 in /dev.
I can get the video preview correctly on video0,2,4.
Then I detect the voltage of I2C on camera1,3,5 which should match video1,3,5. the voltage is 0.3V.
Does anybody have any clues to this problem?


Has anyone used J106 carrier board on tx1 to get the six cameras works smoothly?

Is there any Auvidea engineer ?
I have sent email to Auvidea last week.But I still havn’t gotten any replies now.
PS.firstly I purchase J106 and use it on tx2.I get so much troubles.then Auvidea tells me tx2 doesn’t support CSI-2 camera on J106 till now and if I want to use six cameras on J106 , I must use tx1. Now I purchase tx1…

Could you attach a copy of dmesg after you boot the board? Maybe there’s an error.

dmesg > dmesg.log

The regulator could be set up incorrectly, or it could just be turning back off when those cameras fail to probe.

Hello Atrer.
Thanks for you reply. Here is my dmesg.log after bootiong up the board.
dmesg.log (85.5 KB)

Something is going crazy with SPI0.

The mcp251x driver is attempting to probe on that bus and failing, so maybe that’s it. We can try disabling it, are you using CAN? And do you know how to modify/build the kernel?

Hello Atrer.

I am sorry.those days I am port my own camera to tx1, and flash another dtb to tx1. Later I will flack back my tx1 to support j106.
Since you are here, could you see my new topic

Thank you sincerely!